Do I Need a Website for my Business?

ECommerce, WordPress

Having started out at a time when printed brochures and sales kits were the main marketing tools, I do remember a time when having a company website was just an option. With time, sites evolved to become the ultimate sales kit, delivering your company profile, product presentation and business card all at the same time.

Clearly, websites have evolved to being far more than an information desk for your company. But just how important is having a website today?

  • At least 60% of internet users research on the web for products and services (Source: Interconnected World)
  • More than 90% admit to being influenced by positive online reviews (Source: Dimensional Research)

From choosing a restaurant to finding a cordless drill, people turn to the internet to make an informed choice. Positive feedback online can have a huge impact on whether a couple decides to book at your bed and breakfast or the one across town. More and more people search online before they purchase just about anything, even when they are already in the store.

With more than 2 billion internet users worldwide and 8 new people on the internet every second, it’s certain that a significant part of your target market is online. Looking for your product. And without a website, they will find your competitors’ site instead.

If you are serious about selling anything to any market, then consider having a business website necessary. Today, not having a web presence relegates your business to a hobby in the eyes of the online majority.

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