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Dedicated Support Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me?

You get small tasks done on your WordPress website quickly and hassle free. Work with the same team who knows your set up and understands your needs, without hiring or fixed employment costs. Plus, you gain access to expert WordPress advice and troubleshooting on demand.

Will you support more than one site?

Yes. We can support as many websites as you need. Our monthly support plan rates are just for the one website. If you have two sites or more, then get in touch with us for a customized plan.

How long does it take to complete a task?

We complete tasks on the same business day, on the average. Our service comes with a next business day guarantee. So if you request a task over the weekend, we generally take care of it on Monday morning.

Can you help if my site has been hacked?

Assuming all fixes are considered small, then yes! If you are a premium customer we will work around the clock for no additional charge to fix the site. This is part of our FREE WP Website Repair once you are on the monthly plan.

If your website was hacked before you were covered or if your site is not on a Premium Plan, then we offer WP Website Repair and WP Security Lockdown options here.

Are there limits to the tasks that you will do?
To make sure we can keep all of our customers happy, we only do small fixes and jobs. This means on the average, it takes 30 minutes to complete. Larger, more complex projects are not covered. While we can certainly deliver jobs that require development and coding, these have to be assessed and may require more time than the usual support task.
Does it matter where my site is hosted?
We work with most hosting providers. If for some reason there is an issue, we’ll work directly with your host to ensure we can provide our service through them. In these cases, you will need to authorize us or give us access to your hosting account. Without this, we cannot effectively support your website when the issue is hosting related.
Can I sign up if I don’t have a WordPress site?

We exclusively support WordPress-based websites and apps.

If you’re not on WordPress yet, but would like to, then contact us. We proudly provide web design and app development through WP Design Philippines, a Redstratus service.

I need a new site - can you help me?

We proudly provide web design and app development through WP Design Philippines, a Redstratus service. This allows us seamless transition from full builds to ongoing support and maintenance.

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